Portofino Pours

Self-explore, self-pour and sip on your terms.

Enjoy a selection of wine, beer and house-made cocktails with our dedicated wall of six self-pour beverage taps in The Living Room.


Sunday – Wednesday
9:00am – 2:00pm
2:00pm – 5:00pm “Tappy Hour”

Portofino Check In Desk.


Please proceed to the Front Desk, where our team will scan your driver’s license and swipe your payment card to initiate a tab. You’ll be provided with a glass and RFID wristband, allowing you to freely mix and match beverages, with the alcohol limit adjusting automatically based on your selections.

Explore & Pour

Explore the beverage options by swiping left and right on the tap screens situated just above the taps. These screens offer comprehensive information for each beverage, such as type, ABV, price per ounce, and more. After selecting your choice, just present the RFID near the logo at the screen’s bottom to activate the tap. Once the green light appears, you’re good to go! Pour as much or as little as you desire and monitor the real-time quantity as you pour.

Lady Selecting A Drink.
Couple Having Wine.

Sip & Enjoy

Relax, savor a sip and unwind with this brand-new experience in The Living Room. If hunger strikes, our marina-front restaurant, BALEENkitchen, is just steps away. Once you’re ready to settle your tab, simply head back to the Front Desk with your RFID wristband. Payment options include cash or card, and you’ll receive a detailed receipt for all your pours. *Please note that unreturned RFID wristbands are subject to a $10 fee.

Private Events

Portofino Pours, our self-pour tap wall, is the ideal addition to elevate private events or group gatherings. This innovative concept allows guests to customize their beverage choices, fostering social interaction and creating a dynamic atmosphere. The self-pour system streamlines service, reducing wait times and adding efficiency for event organizers. Inquire with our sales team today.


Friends Having Wine.