Top-of-the-line Redondo Beach dining for a top-of-the-line hotel.

Seaside dining with forget me not views of the marina at night or day keep you coming back to the chic, hip and trendy BALEENkitchen. Whether dining at our signature BALEENkitchen Restaurant, BALEEN Lounge, or The Living Room, you’ll surely enjoy the taste.


BALEENkitchen is undergoing a transformation! The menu is still available in The Living Room located in Portofino Hotel.


Award-winning and sexy restaurant, BALEEN combines classic, contemporary and nautical elements. Seaside dining is perfected with sun-drenched marina views by day and enchanting moonlit water vistas by night at BALEEN.

The Living Room Bar

Read your morning paper or sip your last cocktail in our luxurious lobby. Soaring skies, a crackling fireplace and the perfect martini. Celebrate the end to a glorious day with a cool drink and sweeping views of the Pacific from the comfort of one of our supple lounge chairs. We look forward to seeing you!